The founders

In the early 90’s, parents didn’t have smartphones in their hands all the time to record videos whenever they wanted. Getting videos of kids playing sports was close to impossible, and recording games wasn’t convenient at all. Editing footage? In the 90’s? No way.

Nando and Rafa grew up dreaming of becoming professional soccer players. Like most humans who embark on the beautiful and most played sport in the world, they didn’t make it to the pros and remained amateurs. Fernando became a robotics engineer, and Rafael became an e-commerce master.

They both redefined their dream—to make a living out of sports while having an impact. Many years have passed, and they still play and compete from 2 to 3 times per week. They’ve been huge fans for decades and have been involved with the sport for over thirty-three years in every possible way: as youth players, semi-pro players, referees, coaches, team managers, tournament organizers, adult players, and most recently, as soccer parents.

As passionate soccer enthusiasts (or maybe ‘crazy’ is a better word to describe how much they love sports), they have always been there (almost always) since their kids started playing, attending every single game, every single weekend, like millions of other adults around the world parenting their children through different sports. But suddenly, something happened to both of them… their kids eventually scored for the first time, and as parents who value being present, they were not recording the game, and no one else was.

They were not able to share those precious moments with their wives and siblings. At the next game, they both recorded the whole thing with their phones, and yes, that solved the capturing side of things—the ‘never missing a memory’ side of things. However, in a world where regular content is not enough anymore and where short-video format is a trend, they ended up spending hours figuring out how to edit a 50-minute video to share specific clips with their families and other parents.

After realizing the limitations of their phone recordings, they noticed portable cameras booming on the sidelines. Eager to capture quality clips of their child playing the game they love, they invested in one of those. Unfortunately, even the portable cameras failed to meet their expectations as parents. They craved more than just footage; they wanted quality clips that truly encapsulated the spirit of their child’s game.

Not only did they end up watching the games through their screens and spending hours as non-video-editing experts, but the results were also not even close to meeting the current content quality standards for social media. This is why they founded this company—a super highlight generator for youth sports that gets Parents In The Zone, or PITZ for short.

Our mision

To provide the most awesome digital content
experience on youth sports.

Our vision

Fueled by a strong conviction in the impact of youth sports, we imagine a future where groundbreaking content experiences transform our interaction with the game. Our commitment is to consistently provide the most exceptional content experience for our PITZ parents.

The team

Fernando and Rafa have been fortunate to gather a diverse team of individuals who are fervently passionate about sports.

What makes this team even more special is the fact that many of us are parents ourselves. We intimately comprehend the trials and tribulations that families undergo during soccer games.

It’s this shared understanding that fuels PITZ’s unwavering commitment to provide a service that empowers and uplifts the soccer experience for parents and kids in a remarkable way.

Our Supporters

Is thrilling when the heroes you admire also become your supporters.
Our vision has been embraced by 10 soccer superstars who are now
our angel investors.

Additionally, we are proud to collaborate with top-tier partners that
share our vision of transforming the youth sports community into a
global force of creators.